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Richard John "Dick" Grayson
The first Robin, all grown up.
Portrayed By: None set
World: {$world}
Status: Active, Lasombra
Age: 25
Codename: Nightwing
Team: The Bat-Family
Relationship(s): Batman (Adopted Father)
Dick Grayson (Alternate Self)
Tim Drake (Adopted Brother)
Damian Wayne (Adopted Brother)
Nemesis: None


Young Dick Grayson saw his parents killed during their trapeze act. Where this event would have scarred most, perhaps even broken them, it instead lit a fire inside him. Adopted by benefactor Bruce Wayne, Dick discovered his guardian's secret identity as Batman and became his partner, Robin. Robin eventually grew up and forged his own identity, having learned to be his own man by leading the heroic group called The Titans. Now Dick patrols the streets and pursues justice under his own identity—Nightwing!


  • Bruce Wayne is his mentor, father, and in many ways his hero.
  • Effusia's Robin, his alternate self, is closer than a brother.
  • Tim Drake is in all things his adopted brother, and he much admires Tim's intellect.
  • Damian Wayne is the brat little brother that Dick just can't help but love.

Events Thus Far

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Nightwing is trained extensively in most general areas of study. He is an expert athlete, survivalist, and strategist, capable of charisma and subterfuge, and he is a master of stealth, martial arts, and armed combat, as well as a very skilled user of specialized technology, linguist, and detective.


Dedicated to Justice, Rogues' Gallery, Loyalty to the Bat-Family, Secret Identity, Supremely Loyal


Connection (Bruce Wayne), Affiliations (The Titans, The Justice League), Wealthy, Headquarters (Titans Tower, The Batcave)


Costumes, Utility Bracers and Equipment, Weapons (Wingdings, etc.), Vehicles (Wingcycle, etc.)

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