Niles Hanson: Aura
Niles Hanson
Portrayed By: Justin Gaston
World: {$world}
Status: Active
Age: 16
Codename: Aura
Team: None
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


Niles was born to a moderately wealthy family in the British Isles. Shortly after his birth, they moved to America to join a naturist colony. All Niles has ever known he learned while there. His father always felt it was in a boy's best interest to learn things from all ranges. He felt a boy should be good at something physical, something mental, and some decent tradeskill. Fortunately, Niles developed interests in all three. The gardening came from the fact that the naturist colony he was a part of enjoyed growing their own food, as best they could. He proved early on that he had quite the green thumb.

As he grew, he began to learn more and more of the outside world. A few years ago, he began to develop a strange glow about his body. He never could figure out what the blue glow did, as it seemed to just… be. But that wasn't the only color he had. The other color… red… did seem to do something. It took some time, but he learned how to shift between them. The unknown blue was what he kept on, most of the time. The red, he used, when needed. The red aura could double his strength, speed, and stamina. Not only that, but when he learned he could push it out from his body, he found it could affect others that it touched as well.

The naturist colony didn't keep much in the way of technology. However, they kept one computer connected to the internet for some of the adults to be able to deal with monetary necessities… those that had them. Eventually, Niles was introduced to it, and he fell in love. Not with the computer itself, but with the world outside. He learned that he wasn't the only one with special abilities out there. The world was full of them. Finally, he asked his parents the big question. What would they think if he wanted to go out and explore it. To see if there was something he could do to benefit the world as a whole.

While they weren't pleased with their son's question, they admitted that each person had to find their own lot in life. And, being different, he might actually be able to help people in some form or fashion. They allowed him access to his trust fund, to be used towards the necessities of life, and to go towards schooling, as it's a requirement. He never realized that many of his lessons were actually approved homeschooling. Better than many receive actually. With their blessing, Niles has gone off to join the world and see what it has to offer.


Niles is a nudist, plain and simple. Unless absolutely required to, he will not be wearing clothing. He's a free spirit that doesn't understand the need for so many of the things that people seem to require nowadays. He's not afraid to fight for what he believes in.


Events Thus Far


Aura of Effect

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