Noah Grayson
Noah James Grayson
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Status: Active
Age: 19
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"Thirteen Woods to stoke the Oven,
Thirteen Witches to make a Coven.
Thirteen Years, the perfect Number
To wake a Witch from mortal Slumber."
— Traditional verse from the Grayson family's Book of Shadows


Noah James Grayson was born the only son to a family of witches, though this was only discovered by the youth upon his thirteenth birthday when his powers were unsealed, as per family tradition. Suddenly forced into a world of secrets, Noah rebelled against his heritage throughout his high school days, distancing himself as far from his new-found power as he could while striving for normalcy. It isn't until he's attacked by a low-level demon partially into his first year at university that he begins to take more of an active interest in his own witchhood.


Noah is quite kind, but far from cheerful. His demeanor is mostly serious, especially to those he doesn't know, and he harbors deep-seated trust issues that makes it nearly impossible for him to really get close with people or open up about himself. With those who know about magickal things or other people with gifts, he finds it both easier to get along with and also harder to trust them, though he means no ill will.



Events Thus Far



Noah has access to a variety of spells and rituals from his family's Book of Shadows, and is also capable of spellcrafting on the fly.
The Grayson family's Book of Shadows also contains a wide selection of formulae used in the making of potions and poultices, as well as general notes on herblore, gemstones, and crystals.
Psychic Abilities
Perhaps a side effect of the Spark of Magick, Noah has several psychic abilities, though most seem to be latent. Noah's most well-developed powers involve telepathy and telekinesis. While he possesses the ability to sense people and energies around him naturally to a slight extent, he mostly interacts with the unseen layer of the world by using the Second Sight spell.
Occasionally, Noah will see the future in visions, mostly when he's sleeping, but sometimes while awake. Though, he has no way of knowing when or if these things will even come to pass, especially given how little he sees in his glimpses.
Noah can be considered a dabbler in the art of divination, practicing occasionally with a deck of Tarot cards.
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