Palom of Mysidia
Palom, The Genius of Mysidia
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Status: Active, Arcadia
Age: 22
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Team: Light Warriors
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Palom was born in a land called Mysidia, a richly magical place occupied by an enclave of powerful wizards. He was reckoned a rare prodigy in the realm of black magic, while his twin brother, Porom, was a prodigy of white magic. In time, both became powerful wizards, and it was widely believed that they would attain the rank of sage, each mastering magic across all "color" categories. As of yet, Palom has only mastered black magic, however. He can augment his brother's white magic, but he cannot cast it alone.

Palom has had many adventures, including helping to save his homeland from invading mystic moon people, but he has come to be tired of being treated like a child and has set out to explore the worlds on his own, out from under the watchful eye of his mentors, not to mention his brother, who has never hesitated to give Palom a good smack when he needs it.


Twin brother, Porom

Events Thus Far

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Black Magic Spells, including low power elemental spells (Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder), medium power elemental spells (Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara), high power elemental spells (Firaga, Bizzaga, Thundaga, Quake, Tornado), epic power elemental spells (Flare, Meteor), spells to induce Sleep or shape-change (Break turns a target to stone, Pig to a pig, Toad to a toad, etc.), spells to drain health or magic from a target (Drain, Osmose), spells to induce toxic effects (Poison, Bio), spells to halt the flow of time for a target (Stop), and even spells to snuff the life from a target with a weakened spirit (Death) or teleport targets across space and dimensions (Warp).


Acrobatics, Archery, Knife-fighting, Staff-fighting, Magic Lore, Beast Lore, Mythical Lore, Bluffing


Arrogant, Diminutive


Well-funded, Twin Brother, Mentor


Faerie rod (Conjures illusions or confusing effects), dancing dagger (Balanced for throwing or deft wielding), rune armlet (Prevents him from having his magic suppressed), wizard's robes (Resists magical attacks), hair ribbon (Grants immunity to most status ailments), Twin Star pendant (Mystic link to his twin brother), Restorative Tonics (Potions, Elixirs, Tinctures)

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