Patrick Walker
Patrick Walker
Portrayed By: Kris Holden
World: {$world}
Status: Anti-Hero
Age: 21
Codename: Hellhound
Team: Defenders
Relationship(s): {$relationships}
Nemesis: {$nemesis}


Patrick Walker was one of the first successful teen male models. He left the field after he married his first husband to be a stay at home house husband and writer. His writings often took him to dark and mysterious places. One day while visiting a scene for a prospective book he found a costume belonging to a former superhero. Trying this costume on he became Hellcat. Soon he became a trainee member of the Avengers and made several friends. However the Avengers were not for him so he decided to become a reserve member. After a few solo adventures and a painful divorce from his first husband he joined the Defenders. Now this was the team for him. His energetic maneuvers and wild sense of adventure made him part of this non-team.
After a journey into Hell itself he found himself in love again. Along with the rest of the Defenders he rescued his new love from a monastery and they were married. However happiness was brief when the second husband showed a more demonic nature. This sent Patrick over the edge and he had a nervous breakdown. While in a psychiatric facility to receive care he was visited by a Herald of Death. Assisted by this Herald, Patrick took his own life and his spirit was condemned to a hell dimension.
However due to several events Patrick soon found himself rescued from Hell. Then learned that he was not the intended person to be rescued. This has led him to feelings of survivor's guilt and remorse. He is now back from Hell and ready to kick up some dust even though his sanity is still being held in question.


Patrick is fun loving, happy go lucky and loves random events. On the darkside however he can be maniacal and flips from heroic stances to evil and back again.


Patrick has been married twice. The first one ended in divorce and the second one well death ends most man made contracts. So he's single now.

Events Thus Far

Links to logs with event summary. Woosh!


Patrick has the agility of a cat. The nails of his hands and feet both are retractable and cut through a variety of substances. He also now has sharpened teeth. Since his return from Hell he can read auras and has a sensitivity to magic. He also has minor telepathy that is strengthened by contact with stronger telepaths. He has a dull red multidimensional duster jacket that use to be a coat.


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