Skid Ro: Passion Flower Poppy
Skid Ro
Adapted from Tykudo
Portrayed By: N/A
World: Effusia
Status: Active
Age: Immortal
Codename: Passion Flower Poppy
Team: The Passion Flowers
Relationship(s): Spitfire (Lover)
Nemesis: None


Skid Ro was born on the planet Impetusia as the son of Queen Iona. He grew up a spoiled prince who always got what he wanted, not knowing that when he came of age he would be sacrificed—oh, heavens no, not like that! Nothing bloody. No, he was given up as a member of the Passion Flowers, a cosmic-powered group of flower children who are driven by their potent passions. And so, Skid had to give up his lazy life, learning to tend the many flowers of the Passion Flowers' homeworld, Eden. In time, he earned his position as Passion Flower Poppy and was given command of that brand of cosmic power. Now he pursues his passions as one of the Passion Flowers, bringing (reasonably well-meaning) chaos wherever he goes.



Passion Flower Royalty


Empathy (Sense & Manipulate Passion), Energy Control (Constructs & Blasts), Flight (Interstellar), Mental Projection (Telepathy, Mind Shield), Quick Change (Clothing changes at will)


Athletic, Charming, Manipulative, Technology, Unarmed Fighter


Backlash, Passionate, Weakness, Defeat


Generic alien gadgetry like simple weapons, communicators, and outer-space travel tech.

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