Frank Castle: Punisher
Frank Castle
Admonisher of Naughtiness
Portrayed By: ?
World: Effusia
Status: Active, Effusia
Age: 30ish
Codename: The Punisher
Team: None
Relationship(s): None
Nemesis: All wrong-doers


Frank Castle was a special agent. He was known for having a perfect track record: not a single person ever died in any mission he ever carried out. However, he came to believe that the government and SHIELD weren't always making the best use of his talents. Sometimes, there were people who needed something other than being captured or put in jail. Some people just needed a helping hand, a little firm correction to put them on the right path—that is to say, they needed punishment. Now, the Punisher seeks out those who need a firm hand and does his best to show them the error of their ways, hoping to set them on a wiser path in the future.


Yeah, who do you know? Who is important?



Skilled crime-fighter, psychologist, and experienced jack of all trades. He's got all the skills of a super-spy and the sternest guidance counselor you ever met, all rolled into one.


He will do anything to protect the innocent and punish the wicked, and under no circumstances will he ever kill anyone. He also refuses to ever use firearms or lethal weapons.


He has an extensive network of contacts and practical resources to fuel his crime-fighting career.


He has an array of crime-fighting gear, punishment weaponry, personal vehicles, and of course various safehouses.


Blessed by a spirit of justice, whenever the Punisher holds a weapon of punishment and wields it with measured intent — never to cause real harm, only to administer punishment — he is able to imbue it with abilities to help him do what he must. This might be anything from a pair of handcuffs that will prevent a wizard from escaping with magic to paddle that will make even an invulnerable bottom burn like the dickens.

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