The Riddler
Edward Nigma
Portrayed By: N/A
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Status: Active
Age: 30
Codename: The Riddler
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Born Eddie Nashton, Nigma was, by all accounts, a model child until one fateful day, when his teacher holds a contest over who could solve a given puzzle the quickest. Young Eddie, craving the recognition afforded by winning, snuck into his teacher's room the night before the contest and practiced solving the puzzle until his eyes practically crossed. The next day, he won, and obtained a book of riddles for his trouble. This would prove fateful, as it led to Eddie's infatuation with and mastery of all things puzzling. As he grew, he learned more, and was for a time employed at a carnival, where he made a practice of easily cheating fairgoers from their money.

However, for a man of his intellect, this was not enough of a challenge. When Batman came to rise in Gotham, Nashton recognised the potential arrival of a worthy adversary, and adopted both a new name and identity as the Riddler. His assumptions about Batman proved true, as time and time again he would clash with the Caped Crusader and frequently lose, much to his irritation.

This only caused him to redouble his efforts, however, and he established himself as one of the foremost criminal masterminds within Gotham City; while not the most combat-savvy of villains, he found himself able to outplot nearly every one of his erstwhile colleagues, and his skill as an escapologist enabled him to remain at large regardless of attempts to hold him within Arkham. Ever seeking the thrill of a good challenge, he has continued to arrange dastardly crimes and sundry death-traps, heralded by his signature riddles and awaiting the day that his cleverness will finally bring low the Batman.


Well-read and well-spoken, Nigma is intelligent and enjoys the sound of his own voice, particularly when confusing his adversaries with cunning wordplay. He rarely finds himself in a temper, choosing instead to toy with his company whenever possible - there is, by his reasoning, more to be gained from the chase than the ultimate capture.


Beyond a mild obsession with finally demonstrating his superior intellect over Batman, Nigma is reclusive and even reluctant to interact with others, unless they figure into one of his elaborate, twisted schemes.

Events Thus Far

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Nigma possesses a genius IQ, and is a self-taught polymath - a highly-skilled expert in multiple fields, including engineering, chemistry, and technology. He is extremely adept at using logical and deductive reasoning, and exhibits a nearly superhuman ability to recognize patterns in seemingly random sets of information, stemming from his obsession with riddles.


He is entirely obsessive-compulsive, and MUST leave a riddle of some sort whenever he undertakes a crime. He is faced with a pathological need to prove his intelligence whenever it is brought into question, and as a result has become ever so slightly unhinged; predictable, perhaps, but no less dangerous.

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