Tim Drake: Robin III

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Tim Drake
The Teen Wonder
Portrayed By: Tyler Posey
World: Effusia
Status: Inactive
Age: 18
Codename: Robin (III)
Team: Young Justice
Relationship(s): Batman (Effusia), Mentor
The other Robins
Kon-El, AKA Superboy (Friend)
Bart Allen, AKA Impulse (Friend)
Tim Drake (Alternate Self)
Nemesis: None


In the world of Effusia, Jason Todd never died, but he did eventually begin to worry that he would grow up out of the role of Robin and leave it vacant. So he teamed up with Alfred and recruited young genius Tim Drake, who by the age of eight had figured out who Batman and Robin really were. Tim, a wealthy orphan, spent the next few years in hard training, and he was eventually welcomed into the Bat-family of Effusia as the third Robin and adopted by the Bruce Wayne of Effusia, who as Batman was a much more romantic caped crusader and crime-fighter than his dark Lasombra counterpart. Now an adult, though still using the name and costume of Robin, Tim is stepping out into the world to have adventures of his very own.


He is close to his mentor, Batman, as well as his predecessors in the role of Robin. (Given the presence of both Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne, it's possible that this some time travel is involved.)

His closest friends are Superboy and Impulse.

He is also the alternate reality duplicate of Tim Drake from Lasombra.



Tim is a skilled detective, athlete, martial artist, leader, and technology expert.


Tim is extremely dutiful, holding himself responsible for the well-being of others, especially his teammates and partners. He also does everything other heroes do, despite lacking super-powers.


Tim is wealthy, well-connected, and can draw on the resources of his allies and teams.


Tim uses a variety of technology: Utility belt, batarangs, swinglines, various gadgets, a custom motorcycle, a custom automobile, his costume, and the technology belonging to the teams he's a member of.

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