Rodgers, Percy // Captain Awesome
Perseus Rodgers
Portrayed By: Logan Lerman/Austin North
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Status: Active
Age: 17
Codename: Captain Awesome
Team: none
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


Percy is the son of Zeus and the mortal Danae. He is the fabled Perseus of legend who slew Medusa and saved Andromeda. However, the legends were a bit skewed and the truth behind the legend was far more different than what is told. While he did kill Medusa, it had been out of an accident, a struggle between three friends that went awry. Unable to bear the loss of one friend, he turned to the other and asked her to do something. Using magic forbidden by the gods, she put Perseus to sleep within the statue that many look at when they think of the legend. The spell would last until the world needed a hero. And that time came. In a brilliant burst of light, Perseus fell out of the statue, falling into a brand new world. He was confused at what had happened and it took the appearance of his father, Zeus, appearing and telling Perseus what had happened. The king of the gods explained that Perseus was needed, that a great darkness was taking old of the world and that the world needed a hero. Granted powers and blessings from the gods, Perseus was teleport to his new home, given more modern day clothes and other things that would help him in this new world. The goddess Athena even granted him the mind of a modern day teenager so that he could fit in more. Probably not a great idea since it made him act like an cocky teen pretty boy at times. In this new life, Perseus, now going by Percy Rodgers, found a liking to old comic books. He saw how they were amazing heroes to fought crime and defeated evil. He took this and went with it. He asked the gods for their help, to make him into a hero the people could look up to. Reluctantly they went with his strange idea and Captain Awesome was born.


Percy is an all around sweet guy. He's kind and honorable. He has a strong moral code.


Percy has a decent relationship with the gods. He respects them, they respect him. He helps them when they are in need and they help him in his times of need.

Events Thus Far



As the son of the king of gods, Percy has a few powers. He had two main powers:
+INVULNERABILITY - Percy has iron skin, unable to be pierced or cut by any weapon. Regardless of which form he is in, he will always have this power. However it should be noted that while he had invulnerability, he can still feel pain and can still be exhausted.

+FORM CHANGE To help him adapt in this new world, the gods gave Percy the ability to change form, switching from one appearance to the other. this however isn't just some normal shapeshift. While he only has two appearances, each one has a unique set of powers that can only be accessed while in that form. to change forms, he needs to use his enchanted glasses given to him by Hephaestus. One he has them he needs to blow on them and then put them on, magically altering his appearance from one form to the other while disappearing to a pocket dimension until needed again. He cannot change forms when he is Captain Awesome. Not yet anyways.
His first form is a tall blond male with blue eyes.
When he turns into Captain Awesome as a blond haired boy, his suit in red with yellow and he has:
— Flight: while in his blond form, Percy has the power of flight.
— Electrical Charge: While in his blond for, Percy can absorb electricity into his body which he will store and use for energy similar to caffeine. However too much electricity will cause him to pass out, breaking his Olympus powers and force him into civilian form. his second form is of a smaller, leaner raven haired, green eyes boy with a swimmer's built.
When he turns into Captain Awesome as a raven haired boy, his suit is blue with yellow with no cape and he has:
— Hydro-kinesis: He can control the water around him.
— Hyper Lungs: He can breath under any condition or situation. Underwater, in smog, poison gas, no matter the weather, condition or environment, Captain Awesome can breathe in it. Even when frozen.


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