Rokudou, Rin-ne
Rokudou Rin-ne.
Voiced By Kaito Ishikawa
Gender Male
Age 16
Aliases Rin
Current Location Lasombra
Occupation Student
Significant Other Scott Avery
Known Abilities shinigami


Rinne is a son of Sabato, a damashigami and an unknown mother (either Shinigami or human). He is a half-shinigami because his grandfather is a human and his grandmother, Tamako, is a shinigami. Fifty years ago, his grandmother, Tamako, was supposed to reap the soul of a human man, but they fell in love with each other instead. She agreed to prolong the life of the man for 50 years, in exchange for reaping more souls, which means she must work ten times more than she normally would. Tamako also agreed that if she didn't reach her goal, her debt will be passed through her descendants. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to reach her goal, and her work was passed on to Rinne, her grandson. Thus, Rinne is burdened by his grandmother's promise.

Later, he found out that his own father was the one that made him so far in debt. His father took all the money that he could when he was a child, taking his gift cards, his money for Christmas, and even the money from his piggy bank that he was saving up to go see his mother with. He also found out that his grandmother had already took care of her own debt.

Six years ago, during Masato's time at Demon Elementary School, Masato was given a homework to salvage an unretrieveable soul and bring it to hell. Then later on, Masato found a rabbit, just as he was about to take the rabbit's soul, Rinne came and told Masato that the rabbit was not ready to pass on. Rinne fed the rabbit, causing it's soul to return, and because of this Masato was unable to complete his assigned task. Masato attacked Rinne with a pitchfork but Rinne smashed over him with a large crucifix. And with this, their long-rivalry started.


Kind and light hear-ted, when battling he's careful with his strategies and battle plans. He respects other women, even calling them by their whole name once he gets to know them. He's quite the protective of others. He also hates wasting money over useless things or when he has to pay an extreme amount, that's why he often takes "emotional damage" and cries tears of blood when his money is wasted.


Scott Avery, who didn't think he was weird at all when he first showed up at the school for spiriting away a mouse that was running around in the school library. He even gave him money when he needed it for that special tool that he needed to take care of that mouse. He even let him keep the change as well. That next time they met up at the coffee shop not to far away and suddenly became boyfriends, but before then they found out that they were both staying in the same room. Rin had fallen for Scott, despite Scott's infatuation with Donny, a muscle bound jock.

Events Thus Far

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Rin-ne is a shinigami… sort of. He's only half of one, but he has the ability of one. His purpose was to take on his grandmothers debt in reaping souls if his grandmother couldn't do it, due to an agreement, which meant she had to reap ten times more then what she normally had done. It was passed down to Rin-ne to take care of. Rin-ne can fly when he wears his haori of the under world. He has the senses of the Shinigami. Rinne could sense either evil or pure spiritual auras. Rinne cries tears of blood. His bloodline enable him to cry tears of blood especially emotional damage. Rinne becomes invisible when he wears his haori of the underworld.


  • Flight - Rinne could fly when he wears the Haori of the Underworld.
  • Shinigami Senses - Rinne could sense either evil or pure spiritual auras.
  • Cries tears of blood - Rinne's shinigami bloodline enables him to cry tears of blood especially emotional damage.
  • Scythe Fighting - Rinne mastered or quickly learned how to use his 5000 yen shinigami scythe.
  • Invisibility - Rinne becomes invisible when he wears the Haori of The Underworld.
  • Exorcism - Being a shinigami, Rinne's true job is to exorcise and help spirits that were unable to pass on and cut their ties to this world, bringing them to the wheel of Samsara.

Rinne owns several Shinigami Tools, although he has three that are almost always with him. If needed he will buy tools he doesn't already have.

  • Shinigami Scythe: A tool used by all shinigami, and most likely damashigami too, Rinne was too poor to to own one in the beginning and eventually bought one for 5,000 yen.
  • Haori of the Underworld (Yomi no Haori): A lightweight Haori, or short coat worn over a kimono. On Rinne's haori is a red wheel of reincarnation. According to Rinne, it's expensive. When wore, the wearer is given the body of a ghost and is therefore invisible to humans, when wore inside out the wearer is given back their living bodies.
  • Ring of Judgement: a bracelet worn on Rinne's left wrist that transforms when needed. It works as a shield, teleport-er, and also can capture the wearer's prey. This tool was given to Rinne when he was young by Tamako however Sabato stole it from Rinne before he could open the container.


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