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Created when the Keyblade weilder Sora temporarily became a Heartless, Roxas is a Nobody. He spent most of his life among Organization XIII, working towards their shadowy goals without really understanding them. He made a few friends and when he lost one thanks to the Organization's plots, Roxas broke free of them. Regaining memories of his life as Sora, Roxas set out to meet him. Instead he ended up temporarily imprisoned in a virtual Twilight Town where he lived some of his life as a normal guy until it was once again time to break free and finally meet Sora…


A bit about the character's personality.


  • He is Sora's Nobody.




Roxas wields a pair of Keyblades (Oathkeeper and Oblivion) that allow him to open doors to other worlds, travel to them, and unlock things in general. They both resemble large, stylized keys and are pretty sharp. They're unbreakable and made of very powerful magic. He can summon them at will and collapse them down to nothingness when he doesn't need them. Botoh do severe damage to creatures of darkness but Oathkeeper is weak against light-aligned beings (Oblivion does extra damage being a 'darkness' blade).


Even without his keyblades, Roxas can cast some spells such as fireballs, ice blasts, lightning bolts, healing spells, blasts of air and more. His magic makes him stronger and faster, allowing him to perform otherwise impossible feats of agility and strength. He's also naturally more resistant to damage thanks to the magic and keyblades.


Roxas' primary element is Light. He can create swords and shields made of light as well as fire laser blasts. Light-based attacks do significantly less damage to him than others.

Dark Corridors

Being a Nobody, Roxas can open tunnels of darkness to travel between worlds and around places in general. These tunnels are dangerous to travel through unless you're wearing a special cloak and Roxas doesn't use them much.


Roxas is a very athletic young man and a highly skilled swordfighter favoring a dual-weilding style. He's picked up a lot of knowledge from around various worlds and is great on a skateboard. He's got a little skill manipulating people but not a lot. He can be a charismatic and charming guy when he needs to be.


Roxas is prone to letting his emotions get the better of him, not entirely used to dealing with them thanks to being a Nobody. His defense isn't anywhere near as good as his offense. It wouldn't be hard to read his thoughts but he's incredibly resistant to mind-control or similar things even if he's got no particular defenses against illusions or magic. He can be naive and sometimes easy to trick. While he's not powerless without the keyblades, he's far less effective unless he's weilding them.

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