Our rules are actually very simple! As long as we all abide by them, the game will be much more fun!

  • Staff has last say, but that doesn't mean players are going to be ignored.
  • Don't abuse other players. If someone asks you to stop, please stop. If you have a problem with someone, please try to work it out civilly between you. If it's just not working, ask a staffer to help.
  • Never make RL threats to someone on our game.
  • Do not attempt to hack or otherwise damage the game.
  • Do not do anything illegal on our game.

Female characters do exist in all game worlds and can be emitted; that is to say, they may be added to any scene at the discretion of the players. Players may even consistently emit the same female character or characters over a period of time. All player characters, however, must be male.

Wiki-specific Rules

  • No sex scenes posted in the logs.
  • While the ownership of characters and images belongs to original creators, the wiki pages may remain after the players stop playing, though the characters (unless not originally owned by the player) will no longer be played.
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