Portrayed By Mitch Hewer
Gender Male
Date of Birth unknown
Age 16-18
Zodiac Sign unknown
Place of Birth Port-au-Feu
Current Location Sangria
Occupation Celebrity Pet/Dog Walker
Known Relatives none
Significant Other Colt Bradford, owner
Known Abilities Shapeshifting


At this point, not much is known about the kid known only as Scamp. He lived on the streets or in foster homes most of his life, but still kept a carefree attitude. He thought he was perfectly normal until one day he was playing Frisbee with some friends in the park, and instead of catching it in his hands, he caught it in his muzzle. He had changed into an anthro golden retriever without even realizing it until he looked at his hand an saw a golden paw. After that he ran away and made his way around, hearing wolves in the night, until he found himself in Queens Cove behind the Trick-Or-Treat, where he was found by Banze. Banze gave him a place to stay and a job until he met Colt Bradford, who quickly 'adopted' him. The rest is yet to be written.


Naive, hyper, friendly, and horny!


Colt Bradford seems to have adopted him.
Banze Ixa is the first person who showed him true kindness, and he's very important to Scamp.
Scamp has a puppy-crush on Darian Whitt!
Evan Tate is the werewolf Colt is growing very close to, and Scamp is feeling a little insecure about that.

Events Thus Far

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Shape-shifting into various canine, vulpine, and lupine anthros and partial (ears and tail), at this point instinctive.

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