Shane Adams
Portrayed By: Adam Huber
World: {$world}
Status: Active
Age: 21
Codename: {$codename}
Team: None
Relationship(s): {$relationships}
Nemesis: {$nemesis}


Shane grew up dirt poor in rural Virginia with his mother and younger brother. His childhood was relatively happy, but brief, as he became intensely focused on improving his families living conditions. An uncle that visited each summer taught Shane fishing and outdoor skills, which he put to good use. Lonely and unable to adequately provide for her children, Shane's mother gradually slipped into alcoholism during his early teen years. Shane adapted by spending time in the woods alone or with one of his few school friends.

Shane's psionic talents emerged gradually beginning around age 14. With the amount of time he spent alone in the woods, he was able to gradually get a handle on his abilities as well as keep them hidden from others. By the time Shane was 18 and his brother was plotting his escape, his mother became unable to hold a job. Shane's brother had a bit of a socialist streak and blamed wider society for their poverty, a philosophy Shane himself was eager to listen to. He often fantasized about using his powers to steal from the well-to-do in the nearby city, and with the family in dire straits, he was eventually forced to put this plan into action.


Easygoing charmer. Dislikes rules. Leads an active lifestyle.

Current Activities

Shane can be found in any of Lasombra's cities either plotting a heist or getting roped into assisting a hero. Or sometimes a villain. Or just getting roped.

Alt-Shane can be found advising and coaching students at Amell Academy where he's tamped down his penchant for stealing stuff, but still has a background in it.




Telepath. Telekinetic.


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