Giovanni Visconti
Portrayed By: {$actor}
World: {$world}
Status: Mutant (unconfirmed)
Age: 21
Codename: Slingshot
Team: None
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}

Clearance: A-3 Personnel

Threat Level Sigma
Abnormal Abilities Inertia control and absorption; self repair and augmentation; enhanced reflexes
Other Skills Singing; sculpture
Resources Wealthy family inheritance
Field Exploitation Opportunities Impulsive; hedonistic

Field Observations

Giovanni Visconti (a.k.a. "Slingshot") possesses the ability to alter the inertia of moving objects. Objects at rest in their gravitational frame of reference appear to be outside his power to affect. Researchers in the Mutant Observation Division have pointed out that large buildings are never entirely "at rest" and are, in fact, in constant motion. The kinetic energy expressed by the oscillation of skyscrapers could potentially prove to be a massive energy reservoir for Slingshot, but he has so far not demonstrated this application of his powers in the field.

The means by which Slingshot exploits and manipulates kinetic energy is currently unknown. Field observations record electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum emanating from the subject's eyes during instances of his power manifestation. In situations where an especially high amount of kinetic energy is involved, he has been observed to express this blue light in a large aura around him, and around the objects he affects. The size and style of Slingshot's typical costume do not leave much room for advanced technology (nor would this account for the emission of light from his body), and he does not exhibit the chanting or gesturing associated with metahumans interacting with extra-dimensional power sources (referred to by some subjects as "magic"). Despite the plentiful supplies of genetic samples obtained by numerous, repeated infiltration missions by a series of determined and experienced agents, classification of Slingshot as a mutant is still unconfirmed.

Slingshot has also been observed in unassisted flight, emitting a blue glow consistent with his ability. Researchers conclude that he is somehow able to redirect the pull of gravity upon himself as a form of kinetic energy.

Strategic Analysis

Slingshot considers himself a "hero" on the streets of the city. In typical metahuman fashion, he operates as a vigilante without the oversight of the lawful authorities. He is credited with breaking up several criminal gangs and disrupting several illegal enterprises ranging from drug trafficking to human smuggling. A number of gangsters and their associates have died attempting to engage him in a firefight; to date no civilians have been injured by from one of his fights. Police investigation of an explosion at the pier revealed footage of a gang member attempting to fire a rocket-propelled grenade at Slingshot, with predictable results.

Though he has shown no overt criminal or violent tendencies, the potency of his powers is such that Slingshot is designated threat level Sigma, the second-highest designation for metahumans. As with all Sigmas, continued observation is required to monitor potential power evolution and personality changes.

Tactical Analysis

Infiltration: Slingshot has been shown to be receptive to the attentions of attractive young men of various types, known colloquially as "twinks," "muscle-twinks," "jocks," and other demeaning titles. Agents intending to approach Slingshot in this way should equip appropriate transformation/disguise options, and be prepared to engage in vigorous (and occasionally violent) intercourse with the subject.

Combat: Slingshot should not be engaged with projectile weapons of any sort. Bullets, grenades, flying shields, wrecking balls have all been used against him before with disastrous results for the attackers. Classified reports include an incident involving a ballistic missile and even a [REDACTED] moving at full speed. The use of energy or field-based weapons is highly recommended.

In the event that combat is engaged with Slingshot and only projectile weapons are available, standing orders from O5 Command Staff mandate an immediate retreat.

He appears to approach situations without any specific plan ahead of time. Interrogation of civilians and other metahumans who have had contact with Slingshot confirm this. How he has managed to evade traps specifically and carefully planned for him by metahuman and human opponents is currently unknown.


Investigations have tracked Slingshot to a penthouse apartment in one of the most expensive properties in the city, an address belonging to Giovanni Visconti. Subsequent surveillance has confirmed that these individuals are the same person. Visconti is the heir of a massive international shipping empire, with effectively unlimited personal resources. He takes little interest in the management of the business; he appears satisfied with the performance of executives involved as long as his trust fund remains fully supplied. Local police have shown no indication that they are aware of his identity.


Visconti frequents clubs and parties throughout the city, and often returns to his home (or to private rooms in the clubs, or to the dancefloor of the club, or to his car, or to a park, or to any of several other places) with other males to engage in sometimes extreme sessions of intercourse. Other metahumans encountered in the field are equally likely to be partners for sparring or sex, or both. He does not appear to have any interest in establishing long-term romantic relationships, though he does have several regular sexual partners.


The following image was captured by a photojournalist during one of Slingshot's encounters with a local street gang. Based on the reports of the journalist, Slingshot was moving backward while using his power to bend the incoming fire around himself and back at his assailants. Police records indicate that four of the attackers were killed in the altercation; three were injured; one surrendered without injury.


This image was taken by an agent performing an infiltration mission to gather intelligence on the subject. After being "rescued" from a street gang, the agent convinced Slingshot to take him to the vigilante's home. The subject has been observed doing this frequently in the past, apparently using crime-fighting as a method for picking up dates.

The agent who filed this picture was in recovery for several days after the mission, unable to walk without assistance.

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