Leon Scott Avery
Portrayed By Alex Pettyfer
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 1, 1998
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Sunlad
Place of Birth Beverly Hills, CA
Current Location Lasombra
Occupation High School Sophomore
Known Relatives Leon Avery, dad
Significant Other Rin-ne, boyfriend
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Solar
First Appearance ???

Cast page for Scott Avery, the young solar hero known as Sunlad.


Scott Avery was a shy, introverted teenager living with his single father, a high-priced divorce lawyer, in Beverly Hills. In his freshman year of high school, his science teacher took the class to a nearby university, where one of his brighter former students was now a grad student wanting to show off his latest experiment. Due to a slight miscalculation, the experiment went awry, and Scott was struck with a high-powered photonic beam. In the chaos that ensued, Scott was cleared by EMTs and sent home. It was only after he had spent a few hours sunbathing that afternoon that his new superpowers began to manifest. Over the next few days, his body soaked up more solar radiation, until his abilities reached their current level. His best (and only) friend, a comic book geek named Jordan, convinced him to put on a costume and use his new powers to become a superhero. Thus Sunlad was born! (because Captain Totally Awesome! was deemed too long a codename). Eventually, Scott had to reveal himself to his father, who isn’t happy about his son’s new life, but allows him to continue heroing. About a year later, his father accepted a partnership with a prestigious law firm in Gotham City, and Scott had to leave LA and Jordan behind, though they still talk frequently via phone and computer.



  • "Totally awesome!"


  • Scott is a student of Amell Academy
  • Scott is still in the closet and terrified anyone will find out he's gay.
  • Scott is emo, but Sunlad is a total surfer dude.
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Solar Battery
Solar Vision


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