Terry Berg - Star Sapphire
Terry Berg
Portrayed By: William Moseley
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Status: Active
Age: 17
Codename: Star Sapphire (2814)
Team: Star Sapphires, None on Earth Yet
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


While his parents never had much money, they had what mattered most. Love. Love for one another and for their friends. Whatever they had they would share with those they couldn't. Much of this inspired Terry as he grew. Several days of his childhood, he would give up his lunch so that someone else could eat. However, coupled with his slender figure, it caused him to be labelled and mocked in very derogatory fashions.

His parents always taught him to just let it go. It was hard, but he learned, eventually, not to let things bother him too much. Once his early teenage years and puberty hit, he began to realize that not only was he different for caring about people, but he was different in where one specific type of his love was directed. It wasn't a good thing in some places to be open about being gay, either.

The taunts and jeers eventually no longer affected him. He showed a talent for art, which pushed one of his guidance counselors into getting him an unpaid teenage internship at FEAST magazine, where he still works even now. However, in the past few weeks, everything went downhill fast.

Terry had been working there for a short time. He was stuck, regularly, to work with a man named Kyle. The man was everything that Terry could ever want. Talented, friendly, and absolutely gorgeous. However, Terry didn't have the nerve to approach him. He had a deep feeling in his heart that it simply wouldn't work out. A doubting conscience.

In fear, he hid himself from Kyle. When he knew he would be working with the man, he didn't come to work, claiming exams, heavy class homework loads, and other various excuses. Being a high school student and working for free, it wasn't held against him. But then, as he cried himself to sleep over his doubting conscience and inability to express himself, he heard a voice in his head. "Terry Berg of Earth. You have great love in your heart. Welcome to the Star Sapphires, Brother." He felt a comforting warmth on his finger before he passed out.

When he awakened, he was in a crystalline structure. Looking down at his body, he was mildly embarassed by the sheer risqueness of the clothing he was in, but took it in stride. It was there, on the planet Zamaron, that Terry learned why the ring had chosen him. The hole in his heart, caused by doubt and fear, was a perfect place to be filled by it's love. A love that could be shared, and used to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. A love to find and foster love where it wouldn't be able to grow otherwise. Once he realized that he really had nothing to fear, he was returned home as a Star Sapphire of sector 2814.

Upon his return, he made up a story about being kidnapped. After all, it's not exactly a good thing to go around saying that he got a nifty ring from a group of aliens. However, this is only where his story begins.


Terry is a very loving guy. Otherwise, he wouldn't be a Star Sapphire. He has a penchant for quiet solitude when he's wrapped up in his art. He really only comes out of his shell when a hero is needed.


Recently, Terry came to terms with Kyle, admitting his previous feelings and letting him know everything.

Events Thus Far

None so far.


Violet Energy Control (Constructs/Blasts/Force Fields), Flight (Hypersonic in atmosphere, Faster than Light in space), Healing (only for the bearer and when there is someone who loves the target nearby. Can even bring back the recently deceased if their lover will share part of their heart.) Invisibility/Light Refraction (To cloak the Star Sapphire while getting to a point of love), Power absorption and redirection (from natural type energies like electricity), Wormholes (allows for high-speed travel over interstellar distances), DNA Lock (The ring can only be used by Terry, even if stolen, unless he is killed or someone matches his DNA), Crystallization (can place others in a crystal to put them in a form of suspended animation for a short time), Phasing (Allows him to pass through solid objects, such as walls for short bursts), Electromagnetic Scanning (allows detection of certain wavelengths such as radio, television, ultraviolet, infrared), Universal Translator, Costume generation, Rage and Avarice Immunity (The red and orange lights cannot affect a wielder of the violet).

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