The Newbies Part One


Alyx Maret Lachrim Crispin Kris

Summary: The new 'Gifted' meet.

Date: March 21, 2015

Log Title: The Newbies (Part One)

Rating: PG

Amell Academy - Auditorium

The auditorium is classic finery, elegant and in dark, warm colors. The seats are accommodating and comfortable, the stage wide, and it even boasts an orchestra pit and an expansive backstage area.

First day orientation and the new members of the 'Gifted' are nestled inside the warm Auditorium from the storm outside, the returning students either comfortable in their dorms or arriving the next day. Sitting and chairs on stage are the main teaching staff trying to maintain a look of interest as the Headmaster of the Academy delivers his speech on what it means to have been offered a place at the Amell Academy, it's Founder's 'rich' history and what is expected of their 'gifted' students. Looking around he finally relaxes his serious demeanour and welcomes the new students to a new year and gives them the opportunity to meet each other and their teachers ahead of classes. Each student will already have a booklet with the Academy rules and list of classes as well as an envelope with their dorm number, key and name of their room mate.

Alyx has continued to sit in his seat for several minutes after everyone else has gotten up before he's prompted to 'greet' his fellow students. Anyone who had looked his way during the speech would have noticed him looking at what he's wearing with a look of apparent disgust, having only one set of clothing that he actually owns he was given other clothing by social services, unlike his own clothing which is in need of cleaning the almost neon green logo t-shirt and stonewashed blue jeans he's wearing are rather not to his tastes. Still doing as he's told he gets up and stands near the crowd looking at the storm outside.

Maret had sat with some modicum of deference paid to the headmaster's speech, used in some ways to long winded speeches from his own family. His own clothes neat and pressed. He felt apart from the other students his age if only because he'd been trained prior to attending this school in some of what he was expected to do in defence of humanity and the world. At the conclusion of the speech, he gave a polite applause, before waiting for others around him to stand, before finally standing up, sliding one hand to his hip and considering what to do from here. Chatting with the other students was probably a good idea, he just wasn't sure where to start.

Lachrim sits fairly casually, wearing more or less what he always wears, although the fishnet shirt has been covered by a black shirt of some horror film or other, which has seen better days. But the holes are a little hard to see since it's under his jacket. That drags the attention from everything else. He does applaud at the finish of the speech at least; he can at least do that, as a performer himself. But he doesn't clap long, and when they're supposed to get up, he's up to his feet before everyone else. Like Alyx, his eyes have been drawn to the storm outside, and he almost bumps into the other boy before he notices him so close by.

Crispin as usual showed up fashionably late… of course. And depending on your taste in fashion, that's about the only thing that could be considered fashionable, late or otherwise. For the moment he's just being quiet and watching everyone else, one leg draped casually over the arm of the seat next to him. The packet of school info and other junk just stuffed into the chair next to him also. "You'd think someone would have given Principal Dronenstein notes how not to bore people to death." He grunts to nobody in particular.

Kris was sitting in the back he'd paid attention to the first bit of it, but had lost all interest when the principal or Dean or whatever it was started to drone on and on he'd pulled a pair of drum sticks out of a pocket and began to lightly play on the back of an empty chair in front of him. He wore basic clothes himself, but the hair cut and charm around his neck almost certainly identified him as a wiccan if nothing else, and being frail he should have been worried, but he seemed unconcerned about pretty much everything, actually getting so lost in his drumming that he didn't even notice that the speech was over until everyone else standing up changed his light, he casually got up and put his drumsticks in his back pocket, having already moved in a few nights ago, he just stretched and looked around for anyone interesting.

Alyx's eyes flit from the storm to the reflection of the other young man who narrowly avoided colliding with him, his eyes flit back to the storm, "You do not happen to be Maret do you?". Personally he'd be happy to keep quiet but he's been observing and people will often fill silence with someone nearby and obviously he must've followed this practice in the past and this situation gives him the chance to kill two birds with one stone so to speak, begin a conversation and narrow down whom it was he's be sharing a room.

Standing there, Maret blinked as he thought he overhead his name, and looked for the source, "Ah, Maret would be me. Unless there's someone else sharing my name?" he offered a hand, "You'd be Alyx?" he seems friendly enough. Maybe too friendly?

"Maret? No." Lachrim glances around once he hears the actual Maret speak up. Guess three's a crowd, so he shuffles off elsewhere. Oh — there's Kris. At least there's someone he knows, someone to talk to. So he makes a beeline over towards the little drummer witch. "Hey."

Kris he grins at the slightly scary looking dude with the red hair,"Dang man tone down the hair sometime… I don't think they even make temp dye that bright." He says with a grin, but he doesn't move towards Lachrim, not that he wouldn't, but he'd already learned better than to show weakness to the goth boy, "Did you see who you're rooming with?" He asks casually looking bored and idly twirling one of his drum sticks in his hand barely visible green flames licking his fingers as he does so, tricks of light of course."I Got someone named Donny, but you know I had already settled in so… We'll just see who shows up in my dorm. Got any plans? Or did you wanna go somewhere and Jam?" He was looking around at the others idly as he spoke his eyes catching sight of a few in particular something about them was different, though he had no clue what.

Alyx shakes the offered hand without thinking as an inbuilt habit, "Yes, I would be Alyx", he frowns for a moment as Lachrim ignores social convention and wanders off, "This envelope says that you are to be my room mate", he pulls the piece of paper out of the envelope and shows it to Maret. He gets a sudden chill down his spine and turns to look at Kris without knowing exactly why.

Maret smiles and nods, holding up his own, "I moved my things in earlier. I hope we get along." noting the look Alyx gives, Maret tried to angle his head to follow the other boys gaze, "Something wrong?" he was aware of the rules involving no fighting on campus.

"Crispin? Eh, I don't care." Lachrim just shrugs, glancing once back to Alyx and Maret. Well. At least they're getting along. Kinda. They're a little weird to him, as odd as he probably is to everyone else. "Look. You know my hair's like this anyway. Lay off." His brow flattens. He's not really any more gruff and distant than usual…if anything, he's warmer to Kris than anyone.

Kris smiles at Lachrim they hadn't known each other too long a few days really, but they got along well enough, "Yeah its not might fault your hair like glows." He says cheerfully teasing Lachrim a little unsure of himself with he older guy still, and wanting to be sure that Lachrim doesn't think he's just a laid back stoner… even though he kinda is actually… He shakes his head his eyes locking onto Alyx's and almost dropping his Drumstick at that feeling there's definitely something different with this one… He doesn't realize it but his eyes are not quite glowing but if anyone was paying attention or looking right at them they might notice tiny green flames dancing around in the pupils of his light green eyes.

Alyx frowns again and answers Maret's question, "I am unsure", making eye contact with Kris across the room he tries to work out what has got him riled before a realisation hits him, looking at his right hand he makes sure not to so much as twitch a finger, an odd feeling like this often leads to him summoning his Keyblade and the slightest twitch could trigger it. "Er, yes I cannot see any reason why we wouldn't", after all it's not Maret sketching him out.

Maret hrrmed, noting tension from his roommate. He noted Kris, before glancing back to Alyx, "Do you know him?" Maret after all thinking at least the nice thing to do would be to introduce themselves if that were the case, but the tension from Alyx is not necessarily one of recognizing someone.

Lachrim circles around Kris, nudging him to jostle him lightly from his introspection. Or whatever passes for it in that stoner mind of his, the boy thinks. Oh well. He doesn't hate Kris, so that's definitely a step in the right direction. Casually he leans over and props himself up on Kris's back, folding his arms along the other boy's shoulders. "So what do you think about those two?"

Kris shakes himself loose and just grins, and bit really wishing he knew what the heck his powers were or how to control them, After a second he shrugs and looks up at the taller boy, "Not sure something…. Odd about them… Maybe our Kind of odd. Not as uh out there as our meeting but…" He grins and nudges them,"Lets see who they are…" HE said not finding it off that in a room full of people that both he and Lachrim seem focused on only two.

Alyx shakes his head, "No I do not, do you?", his new room mate might be able to give him some background information, he did say he had got there earlier, maybe he'd come across the boy and his 'odd' feeling.

End of Part One

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