Maxwell Thornton, Jr.
Portrayed By Unknown
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 9, 1995
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases none
Place of Birth Gotham City
Current Location Lasombra
Occupation Rocker/Thief
Known Relatives brother Ash
Significant Other Kevin/Mystic Archer?
Identity Known
Known Abilities Thief
First Appearance ???

Cast page for Max Thornton, Jr, the young rocker/thief known as Thorn.


Maxwell Thornton wasn’t a rich kid, but he wasn’t a poor one either. His parents were comfortable in suburbia, and Max grew up as a perfectly normal kid, taking karate and piano lessons and generally being a good boy. Until he hit high school, that is. Then he fell in with a rougher crowd of rebellious teens. One joyride too many, and he found himself doing a stretch in juvenile hall. There he learned to play guitar, but also to fight and the finer arts of lock picking and breaking and entering. Released at seventeen, he put his new skills to work. Getting himself a fake ID, he began singing in seedy dives in Gotham’s less reputable neighborhoods, often playing for the door. He supplemented his income with trips to the wealthier townhouses, where he learned how to bypass security systems and steal only the smallest, priciest items to fence. He’s not a hardened criminal, and he’s never taken a life. But he’s still a bad influence, more likely to corrupt a youth than act as a proper mentor. Still, there’s a heart deep in his chest that longs for the love and affection he’s denied himself for so long. The right student will likely end up bringing out his better nature.

Recently, Thorn has met an aspiring superhero named Mystic Archer, who desperately needs a dose of reality before he gets himself killed. The kid is just so innocent, so beautiful, Thorn can't resist taking him under his wing. With a bit of training and streetsmarts, maybe the kid will live long enough to prove himself to the big name heroes. Unless Thorn can convince him to give it all up to become a top notch cat burglar.

And then there's his baby brother, Ash. Bullied at both school and at home, the boy is the ultimate goody two-shoes. The world is going to treat him like a doormat, unless Thorn steps in and takes a firm hand. And a firm hand is just what baby bro needs, right on his taut little backside. Gotta get this boy toughened up, for his own good.



  • "Totally awesome!"


  • Thorn is a rather accomplished guitarist and not a bad singer.
  • He's a cat burglar and unrepentant bad boy.
  • Cocky and self-assured, Thorn has nothing to hide.
  • Might be hiding a heart of gold.
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