Tim Drake

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Tim Drake
Portrayed By: {$actor}
World: {$world}
Status: Active, Lasombra
Age: 17
Codename: Robin III
Team: Titans Leader
Relationship(s): Superboy (Friend, SO)
Bart Allen (Friend)
Robin III (Alternate Self)
Nemesis: None?


When he was younger, Tim Drake used his intellect to deduce the identity of Batman and his partner Robin. After Jason Todd's 'death' and the disappearance of Robin, Tim tried to convince the original Robin to return to the role. Faiing, Tim was encouraged to take the role himself. In the end, Bruce was convinced to give him Tim a chance as the new boy wonder. After a year of training and travel abroad, Tim made his debut as Robin and he has served in the role ever since. He's been both Batman's partner and a leader of other teen heroes

Events Thus Far

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SKILLS: Academics, Detective Work, Martial Arts, Stealth, Acrobatics, Subterfuge, Intimidation, Thievery, Interrogation, Weapons Training, Leadership

FLAWS: Overprotective, Human, Guilt, Lives in the shadow of Batman and the previous Robins, Secretive

RESOURCES: Batman, Bat-Family, Titans, Moderate Wealth (through Batman), Gotham Contacts

TECHNOLOGY: Redbird (His car), utility belt, costume, bat-tech and weapons, Titans communicator and team technology, bo staff

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