Ty Greythorne
Tycho Seodar Greythorne
Portrayed By: Xavier Samuel
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Status: Active
Age: 21
Codename: N/A
Team: Greythornes
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The Greythorne family can trace its roots back for over fifteen hundred years, to the dark ages of Britain's past. The sire of their line was Draconar Greythorne, a sorcerer who was famed for being able to change into a dragon—though, it was actually the other way around. No one outside the family ever did find out for sure. Draconar was a warlord, controlling a large span of lands in Brittany before it became a province of France. He vanished from the world, never to be seen again, when he became enamored of a lady known among mortals as Ceinwen, though she was in reality a daughter of the Faerie king. Over many generations, the Greythorne line often interbred with the Fae, keeping close family ties, and so the family line continued. Many of them never died, simply crossing over into the realm of Faerie and vanishing amongst their immortal relatives when they grew too old to remain in the human world.

Eventually, some two hundred years ago, Alastor Greythorne inherited the family's wealth. He built the family's current home and founded Greythorne's Mystic Emporium. The manor house and shop have been passed down from father to son from generation to generation, and the last to receive it was Gregoric Greythorne. Gregoric had an older brother, Adalric, who had married a fully human woman, Raquel Derring, and had children. Adalric and Raquel raised their sons until the youngest, Tycho, was five, but then they were killed in an accident when trying to lift a very dangerous curse without a full circle of sorcerers. They were powerful, but one mistake was all it took, and they were gone forever, leaving their sons orphaned. Gregoric was only too happy to take the boys in, and while he proved a questionable role model, he loved them well.

As the boys grew up, Gregoric realized that they would be much better custodians of the family business than he. So, he transferred ownership of the shop to them, granting the eldest, Aral, primary authority over the business. Just this last year, Ty was made the shop's junior partner instead of only being employed there as a minor. Now, the three brothers run the magic shop, which is mystically connected to Greythorne Manor, where they lived with their uncle. In time, each of the others departed, leaving only Ty behind to manage the shop and the estate.

Normally, members of House Greythorne dwell on Earth as humanoids for a century or two, then they usually get bored and wander off into the far reaches of Faerie, often transforming into dragons in the proess. Tycho is currently the only one around the estate, and for all he knows his uncle and brothers have left for Faerie ahead of schedule. However, Ty's uncle Gregoric is still somewhere around, just traveling a lot, and he keeps loose tabs on Ty, making sure he's got someone looking after him.


Ty is really sure of himself. Naturally, this can lead to trouble, with him biting off more than he can chew. At the same time, it gives him a store of confidence to draw upon, and makes it much easier to take the risks and do the things that he does, and enjoy it. He tends to be impulsive, a bit overconfident, and has the undeniable urge to take on the world, expecting to come out on top and unscathed. He's very curious about anything that strikes his fancy and still has a tendency to goof around at times when he should really be tending to more serious matters. While he does not often let it show, Seo feels guilt and loss for his dead parents. These feelings are fairly well buried and repressed, but they also run quite deep. He was only a small child when they died, and he feels guilty that he does not remember them very well. Even so, he feels the void they left in his life, and it can trouble him deeply at times.





  • Sorcery: Ty is a gifted natural spellcaster of great power and strong skill, though he lacks discipline. Notably, he has a strong affinity for Light/Dark elemental forces, though he must be careful to balance them, which he's still learning to do. His greatest gifts are for enchanting or disenchanting objects, casting illusions, and conjuring objects.
  • Physiology: Ty's family line carries the blood of dragons, carefully managed over centuries. This means that he matures at a slightly slower rate than others, but more importantly it renders him effectively ageless and immortal. He's also physically more durable than humans and can recover from nearly any injury at a fair speed, though this does not grant him any immunity to pain.


Alchemy (Novice), Craftsmanship (Gifted Journeyman), Design & Art (Gifted Novice), Occult Education (Expert)


  • Geas: Ty has a Geas placed upon him, which forces him to submit to being punished by those in authority over him. This includes his uncle, older brothers, any anyone else they deem worthy.
  • Spoiled Upbringing: Ty was raised in the lap of luxury and privilege. Though he is generally good-hearted, this means he tends to be a bit of a selfish brat at times.
  • First Spell: Ty's family is known for a magical quirk: the first spell they ever cast is never a rote spell from a book, always a pure act of creation from their own wishes, hopes, or even fears. This first spell's effect is always permanent and can never be undone. In Ty's case, his First Spell had a somewhat embarrassing effect on his physiology, and he hides it from most people.


  • Magic Shop: Ty's family owns a very successful and lucrative magic shop that has been enchanted to do business across every known world.
  • Fortune: Ty's family is absurdly wealthy, to the point where their fortune could never effectively run out. Ty is the current heir to the estate.


  • Artifacts: Ty's family owns a vast inventory of enchanted objects, ranging from the commonplace to the rarest of magical antiquities.
  • Library: The Greythornes own one of the worlds' largest occult libraries. Their collection has a copy of almost every magical tome or book known in the magical community, as well as many unknowns.
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