Portrayed By: Zayroen
World: {$world}
Status: Active
Age: 21
Codename: Fauna
Team: none
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


Vilmy's life was common. The only son of a reserved pair of highly religious parents, they lived in a small rural town. Everything changed the moment Vilmy's powers suddenly rose up when he was twelve. His mother found him, form blurring and changing and immediately took control of the situation. He was swiftly locked in the basement, branded a monster and treated horribly. Many times, his parents brought priests to 'exorcise the demons' out of him. He finally managed to get enough control of his powers that he could escape.


Vilmy is highly nervous and shy, much rather to stay in the form of a small bird or cat then his human form. He thinks himself as ugly or monstrous from the years of abuse at the hands of his parents. Even though he can not speak in his forms, he strives to make friends as best he can.


Dhiar, owner of the shop Vilmy has found himself sleeping in at nights. He finds the man very kind and sweet and cleans the shop at night when everyone is asleep. He also enjoys the company of Dhiar's companion Uhr.

Events Thus Far

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Shifter, assumes the form of animals

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