Virgil Hawkins
Virgil Ovid Hawkins
Static shock!
Portrayed By: N/a
World: Lasombra
Status: Active
Age: 18
Codename: Static
Team: Titans member
Relationship(s): None
Nemesis: ?


Static was an average, nerdy teenager, unfortunately living in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Dakota City, which was ridden with gang wars and crime. Things were bad enough that the gangs decided that the best way to deal with it was to fight it out in one last showdown at the intersection of the three biggest gang's territories. This 'Big Bang' as it was called was known throughout the city, and was going to be taken advantage of by the Mayor of the City to deal with the gang violence threat once and for all. She sent out a task force to use a special radioactive gas to tag everyone involved, so any survivors could be tracked an apprehended afterward. Unfortunately, the mayor's plan went horribly wrong, as the gas killed over 90 of the gang members, and mutated the rest into meta-human "Bang Babies". Virgil, having been bullied at school, was given a gun by a friend of his and urged to take his revenge on those who bullied him, ended up at the site of the bang before having a change of heart. Unfortunately, it was too late to escape the Bang itself, and Virgil was exposed to the gases, mutating him and giving him Electromagnetic-based powers.


An awkward, geeky, teenager with a sarcastic sense of humor, and a mischievous side. He is also fiercely loyal to those he cares about.


Robert Hawkins (Father)
Jean Hawkins (Mother) (Deceased)
Sharon Hawkins (Sister)
Richie Foley (Best Friend)

Events Thus Far

(None yet)


Altered Physiology, Super-Conductive Electromagnetism, Electrokinesis


Inexperienced, Powers from other Bang Babies


Zap Caps, Utility Belt

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