Dionysus of Elysium
Portrayed By: TBD
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Status: Active
Age: 20
Codename: Wonder Warrior
Team: None
Relationship(s): None
Nemesis: None


The Gargareans were a violent, warrior race in ancient times. The exploits of their conquest and bloodshed filled was well published in the Annals of Antiquity. They were greatly feared and hated as they had no peers in the arts of war and conquest. Over time, they had enslaved countless kingdoms and eradicated even more. And they would have continued upon this bloody path, had not their king, Hippolytus, had a sudden and profound change of heart. Hippolytus, having tired of the arts of war and conflict, turned instead to more peaceful, enlightened endeavors. No longer did he pay homage to the cruel deities such as Ares and Hades, but instead began to venerate Dionysus and Apollo, whose aims were more hedonistic. Pleased by such an influx of new worshipers, these gods led the Gargareans to a mystical island, far removed from the conflict and turmoil of the outside world, an island paradise if you will. There the amazons lived in peace and tranquility for eons.

It was an idyllic existence, a tropical island filled with wine and song…but no women. Not that that posed no problem for the Gargareans who found comfort in each others arms. No problems but for one certain Gargarean, Hippolytus their king. Deep within, the King longed for the one thing he could not have, a child. So distraught was he, that he drunk himself into a blind stupor, crying out to the gods of Olympus and begging for this one boon that to all reason seemed an impossibility. To mortals perhaps, but the gods have ways and means to do what they want. His prayers heard, the deities spoke to him in his fevered dream. They instructed Hippolytus to gather clay from the enchanted shores of Elysium and to sculpt the form of a child. Awakening, the King did as he was commanded. He could only look on with astonishment when the babe came to life as the gods having breathed life into the statue. Overjoyed he swept the child into his arms, naming the boy 'Dionysus' after the god of wine and revelry who inspired him with this insane plan.

The only child ever of the Gargareans, Dionysus was raised not only by the King but by all his Gargarean brethren. From them he learned every art, every pursuit, every skill that this ancient race had to offer. And not only did he learned, but he excelled. Truly he was the best and most gifted of all of them, having been fashioned by the hand of Olympus itself. Sadly it was not long before Dionysus began to feel like the big fish in a small pound. He had learned from history that there was a world outside of his island home and he longed to explore it and learn from its experience. But he could see no way off of the isle.

That was not until Fate (or perhaps the gods) presented a perfect opportunity. One day a strange vessel fell from the sky and crashed upon the shore of the island. Within it, a wounded American solider. The Gargareans used their arts to heal the man from certain death and to ascertain his origins. It was then decided that one of their number would have to escort him back into the outside world. A competition was held to determined who that chosen one would be. Donning a disguise, Dionysus entered the tests and easily bested all his fellows. Much distraught over the deception, Hippolytus nonetheless held his word and sent his only son forth into the cold, cruel world.

Armed with ceremonial battle gear and enchanted weaponry, Dionysus has left his paradise home and entered the cold, cruel outside world to seek his fortune and to make a name for himself. Only time well tell how he fares.


Wonder Warrior is a Pacifist who follows the doctrine of Non-Violence. While a skilled fighter, he is more apt to use his words than his fists. He, being as young and innocent as he is, can be naive; not because he is stupid, but because he is colossally inexperienced.


Wonder Warrior embodies the classical ideal of the 'warrior poet', the fighter with the artistic spirit. Growing up in a (former) militaristic culture, he is highly trained in the Hand-to-Hand combat, Ancient Weapons, Warfare (battle tactics & strategies), and Wrestling. He is also a skilled hunter and horseman. Those war-like skills are tempered with more peaceful talents such as Oratory, Diplomacy, Poetry, Painting, and Theater. He is also a scholar of Ancient Lore, History, and Mythology. Further, he is a skilled Healer and Businessman.


Created by the Olympian gods, Wonder Warrior has been divinely gifted various superhuman attributes: Strength; Speed; Agility; Flight; Endurance; Durability; Healing; Intelligence; Eternal Youth and Beauty.


• Lasso of Truth: Magically empowered lasso that is ever expandable, unbreakable and forces those ensnared within it to speak the truth.
• Manica (aka bracelets) of Aegis: Enchanted arm bracelets that are indestructible and can reflect any projectiles that strike them.
• Golden Circlet: Metallic headband with a razor sharp edge that can be used as a thrown weapon akin to a boomeranga.
• Lansarian Morphing Disk: a small, disc of alien tech that transforms into a variety of shapes & forms.
• Gargareans: The men of Elysium Isle; immortal race of poet-warriors; Dionysus’ people.
• Diplomatic Immunity: As a foreign dignitary, he is not subject to US Law


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