Garland of Submeria: Waterboy
Garland "Garl" of Submeria
Portrayed By: ?
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Status: Active
Age: 18
Codename: Waterboy
Team: Twink Titans.
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Nemesis: {$nemesis}


Garland was born the crown prince of Submeria, and he was raised just as that would imply. While he was a model of princely virtue by the standards of his court, to most outsiders he'd have been considered a pampered, spoiled brat. It's just how he was raised. It all came apart when he was thirteen. His parents were deposed and killed by a rival nobleman, and young Garl was forced into hiding. He lived in secrecy for a couple of years before a chance meeting with the Twink Titans, and despite his arrogant tendencies Garl made friends and joined the group. Ever since then, he's been making a name for himself as a teenage superhero.


Garland is the deposed prince of the Atlantean province of Submeria. He came to the surface a couple of years ago and metthe Twink Titans. He soon became an active member of the team and, even if he is sometimes considered a bit of a diva Garl has proved a valued member of the team as Waterboy.


Augur is his most intimate friend and his boyfriend.


ENHANCED BODY AND SENSES: Enhanced Dexterity, Enhanced Toughness, Enhanced Strength, Speed Bursts, Enhanced Senses, Hydro Sense

WATER CONTROL: Water Freedom and Adaptation, Water Control, Weather Control

SKILLS: Well-educated, Artistic, Musician, Combat trained, Athlete, Knows English plus several dialects of Atlantean

FLAWS: Moisture Dependant, Reckless, Diva

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