Type: Character Race
Status: Actively Recuiting
Location: Sangria
Leader: Evan Tate (OOC Contact)


There are many different sorts of werewolves in Sangria. Some were born human, but fell victim to a curse, which turns them into a mindless, raging beast during the Full Moon. That curse may have been the result of a Gypsy spell, or the bite of a similarly-cursed werewolf, or even some other, unknown source. But there are also another sort of werewolf entirely, a separate race of beings who live secretly among humans.

Werewolves as a Race

Werewolves are neither human or wolf, but a separate race entirely. They're related to both, however, and have been known to breed with both humans and wolves. Humans who are descended from werewolves are called 'wolfbloods' or 'kinfolk'. All kinfolk have the potential to become werewolves themselves. This usually happens sometime around the onset of puberty, but can happen as late as early to mid-twenties. Those who remain human their whole lives are still valued and treasured by their werewolf families, as they carry the shifting gene and have a higher probability of becoming the parent of a future werewolf. Werewolves very rarely breed with one another, as conception is improbable. Not impossible, however, and on those rare occasions when it occurs, the resulting child is born as a full werewolf.

A werewolf's First Change often happens sometime around the onset of puberty, and it can be a truly terrifying event, if the werewolf isn't prepared for it. Very often, werewolves and kinfolk parents and family will raise a child with full knowledge of their heritage, so the Change isn't such a shock, but this isn't always possible. Unlike those who are cursed, a members of the Werewolf race retain their full minds and memories, regardless of the form they are in. They're not the mindless, ravenous beasts depicted in movies!

Werewolves have five forms: Human, Man-Wolf (near-human), Wolf-man (the hybrid form so familiar from TV and movies), Dire Wolf, and full Wolf.

Near the town of Queens Cove, there is a secret village, home to the Luna's Cove Pack of werewolves and their kinfolk. For more information, contact Evan Tate on the game!

Known Werewolves

Known Kinfolk

Cursed Werewolves

Other Werebeasts

Known Werebeasts

  • Scamp, true type unknown, but undoubtedly canine, lupine, or vulpine.
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